Voodoo Pheromone


“The Voodoo Pheromone feels like real magic”… Because it is”.   Garry the Liquid Alchemy Labs founder created a pheromone that has sorcery to it, from real Voodoo witches that have casted a love and seduction spell on a portion of the bottles. A lot of advanced pheromone users are familiar with something called the “fallout” effect- in which a potential individual becomes enthralled with you after being in your presence. It is like burning yourself into someone’s memory and having them remember you in a special kind of light.

How deeply can you embed into someone’s psyche? How big a part does imprinting pheromones play in bonding? Does fate decide, or can you cheat? Garry wanted to see just how deeply you could embed yourself into someone’s subconscious mind, and Voodoo is the end result. I had a brief chat with Garry regarding this release prior to the release date, but he kept the ingredients confidential, he did however tell me he still had to go to the Amazon rain forest to harvest some special ingredients. I am very disappointed to have missed out on the initial release, and even though I’m friend’s with Garry doesn’t mean I get special privileges which just shows his integrity.

Whether you believe spells work or not, you can just leave a note on the order form before placing the order if you would like to have the Voodoo witches cast a love and seduction spell on your order or not.   When I placed my order I decided to have the Voodoo witches cast their love and seduction spell on my order of the bottle since I was very curious what the spell effects will amplify with it.

Before I explain my findings, I want to clear up a few misconceptions about what an “imprint” actually entails. An imprint is the beginning of an emotional relationship for women, which is the key to unlocking the power of Voodoo.

When you have been “imprinted” onto a woman’s mind, it doesn’t mean she is head over heels in love with you, it could mean that she thinks about you a lot, or she has a crush on you, and generally is open to having “feelings” for you.

Once the “imprint” begins, it starts to gain momentum and products like voodoo just take it to a whole another level yet to be seen from other pheromone products on the market, and I have a lot of experience with various love potions products.

When my bottle of Voodoo arrived, I knew it was probably going to take a while to figure it out, as do most “ imprinting” products.

The scent from Voodoo is fresh yet sophisticated and it reminds me of aqua velva. I put on 2 drops on my right arm and split them on my neck and arms. I felt a rush of excitement and I headed out the door with a huge smile.

I decided to go to Wal-Mart to do a bit of grocery shopping and as I was walking to the aisle to pick up my favorite organic broccoli cole slaw vegetable salad, I encountered this woman that reached for the same salad that my hand was touching and just to let you know, it was the last one in stock. I look at her staring into her eyes and I noticed that her pupils were dilated, and she gazes into my eyes and her cheeks start to blush and immediately she apologizes for trying to take the last salad that was in stock.

I then replied to her that it was fine and there was no need to apologize since we both wanted to have the salad to put in our shopping cart. It took like 5 seconds for her to respond back to me since she still had that look in her eyes of a deer caught in head lights, and immediately her body posture started to look very flirtatious and she started to lick her lips and asked me if I had any plans for myself when I’m done my grocery shopping at Wal-Mart.

I made up an excuse and said “I was just here to do quick shopping since I had errands to do after this” and she said to me “ Oh I see, okay then I will just give you my cell phone number so you can give me a call or text whenever your free, so we can arrange to go grab a cup of coffee sometime and possibly dessert”. She then proceeded to write her cell phone number on a piece of paper and handed it over to me, and as she walked away and flapping her hair back, she then said “ I hope that I will hear from you soon and you won’t keep me waiting for too long”.  At that moment I was very shocked and surprised on what I have encountered while wearing the Voodoo love potion, and I know for a fact that the spell that the Voodoo witches put on the bottle definitely had something to do with this uncommon encounter that I never experienced before out of all my years while field testing various love potions.

After Wal-Mart I decided to stop by the bar to see how the results would play out in this type of environment and luckily for me, this bar had quiet a lot of women present being the waitress. I went inside and waited for one of the waitress to guide me to a table that was available. 2 minutes later I manage to get a waitress to bring me to the next available table, and as I sat down at the table she gave me the menu and lightly touched my hair and I looked into her eyes and once again I witnessed dilated eyes on this waitress. The waitress then said to me she will check back with me once I looked over the menu and then she proceeded to help other customers by picking up their plates when they finished their meal and proceeded to go to the kitchen.

When I started to look over the menu for like a minute or two I noticed this other waitress approach my table and asked me if I had any questions about any of the meals that was on the menu. I then noticed that she was twirling her hair and a licking her lips while biting her lower lip. So then I decided to go along with her helpful approach on asking her questions on the many meals and appetizers that’s on the menu, and which one would she recommend.

Five minutes later the first waitress comes back to me to see if I was ready to place my order now, and then she decides to touch my hair,and rub it softly in a sexual manner and then all of a sudden the 2nd waitress decides to rub my right shoulder and point towards the appetizer and meal that she believes that I would find delicious. I decided to go with the 2nd waitress’s suggestion on her choice since the appetizer and meal looked really good, so I told her I will go with her suggestion, and then she wrote done my order and then proceeded to take away the menu away from me and then proceeded to the kitchen.

The 1st waitress looked like she was a bit jealous of the 2nd waitress that was placing my order, so out of nowhere she leaned over to my ear and whispered to me and said “ Your cute, so I am going to give you one beer of your choice and it’s on me”.   I told her that I would like to go for a Heineken, and she wrote that done and proceeded to go to the kitchen. As I was waiting I looked around me and noticed quiet a few women were gazing at me with a smile on their face and some of them were even winking at me. I continued to sit at my table by myself and waited for my order, and about 20 minutes later I finally received my meal from the 2nd waitress and as soon as she walked away, I got my beer from the 1st waitress and she then said to me “ I feel like you have earned this for making my shift a pleasant one for the evening”.

Little did I know it wasn’t just the beer she paid for me to have that she was talking about, it was the little note that was attached underneath my beer bottle that I opened up and I was again surprised to find out that the note contained her cell phone number with a heart design on it.   From that moment I was just in shock and couldn’t believe what I encountered throughout my day so far. I thought my Wal-Mart encounter was the icing on the cake but this Bar encounter topped it by far and now I can officially confirm that the Voodoo witches casted a very potent love spell that will give you the results that are really out of this world and almost makes me feel as if I’m experiencing the life of James Bond, or experiencing an Old Spice commercial but except that it’s really happening in real life. I finish up my meal and decide to leave a tip for both of the waitresses that have helped me out and gave me a very unforgettable experience that I will remember for the rest of my life.

Women almost act like they are your girlfriend already, as if they are trying to “test drive” a relationship with you, and this became apparent to me very quickly, because I am tuned into the subtle art of communication in body language, as well as verbal communication. What I noticed is that once a little bit of this love scent gets inhaled by women, they will start to give you the flirting behavior. This can also happen immediately, because Voodoo projects in an alluring, mysterious vibe which women pick up on right away.

She will also feel physically comfortable touching and flirting, because it seems to break down “walls” and gets women to simply be real and authentic with you.

If you want a love potion that’s unique and different from the other competitors on the market, I would highly recommend that you give Voodoo a try, because magic works at it’s best when it has Voodoo around!









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