The Herbalizer Vaporizer

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If there’s one desktop unit that everyone should try out for a very unique enhanced vaping experience like non other on the market it would have to be The Herbalizer Vaporizer .

The features that this vaporizer offers for herbal remedies is  classic aromatherapy, vapor-therapy.  Temperatures can go as high to 445 degrees and the best part about that is you’ll never see ashes when you open up the herbal chamber.  The Herbalizer Vaporizer was created by NASA engineers in San Diego California, and the main purpose for it’s creation was to deliver cutting edge technology of vaporizers that not only delivers quality vapes but is also a versatility high grade medical device and built in the USA.

Who knew that this sleek looking Apple oyster design and high industrial feel would have a storage department to store your herbs and oils  discreetly out of sight .This unit has a internal halogen bulb for providing instant heating.  mezzanine storage area is located in the upper lid.

Herbalizer Vaporizer offers three modes which are:

Integrated Whip

A very convenient and medical grade silicon whip has an optional boost up from a powerful, and amazingly whisper quiet fan.


You can choose to emit pure vapor from Herbie’s bowl directly into your environment so everyone in the same room can have a chance to join in on the epic experience.  This option can be used for a setting like a party, or practioners of yoga, massage, meditation as it adds more of an at ease effect, the freestyle vaportherapy and aromatherapy provide a pleasant smell of essential oils and botanicals through Herbie and provide noticeable benefits.


Ballon Bag

This herbalizer unit’s easy balloon system is simple and easy to use, just attach, and fill with pure, flavorlishes vapor by using the internal fan.  It is highly recommended that the balloon bag to be replaced after every 2 months of regular usage.  3 additional bags are included in every Herbalizer Vaporizer starter kit.


This Vaporizer outperforms every current vape on the market in both bag and whip mode in terms of quality vapor and easy usage, and it also uses less material than almost all vaporizer available, which will save you money in the long term.


It stacks up with Volcano in top grade quality, but it has the upper edgy class of doing much more then the Valcano can.  It’s smaller than most desktop vaporizers, and looks confidential while it sits on your desk or table.  You could easily assume that it is an external hard drive or some other piece of hardware.

The Herbalizer is a true and revolutionary game changer  in the vaporizer industry.  It does everything in it’s description as advertised.  It is the only multi-functioning vaporizer that performs in perfection on what it has to offer for the lucky investor of this unit.

At the retailed price of the Herbalizer it makes it one of the most pricey vaporizers you can purchase, but it’s worth every penny if you have the money or are just starting to save up to have a well invested vaporizer that will pay off and  help save you a lot of money in the long run.  If your thinking about debating about the cost of this unit, go ahead and do so.  You can rest assure that you are guaranteed to get the bang for your investment that you’ll put into this well thought out NASA crafted unit that will take you for an unbelievable vaping experience that would be making  you vape like a boss!



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