Skycloud vaporizer


The skycloud vaporizer vaporizer penis the world’s first multi-functional model of it’s kind, featuring three interchangeable chambers: one for e-liquids, one for dry herbs, and another one is for concentrates.  As with most vaporizer pens currently on the market, the SkyCloud utilizes a 3 piece system in which the vape is constructed using a rechargeable battery, an atomizer, and a mouth piece cover.   Powering on the pen is pretty simple.  It uses the standard five button presses to start.  You can use the same five to turn it off again.  Every time you turn it on or off the LED light will flash, letting you know what’s going on.  And it shuts off on it’s own after about 10 seconds.  And while you are using the pen, the power button will be lit, so you never have to wonder.  Just remember no matter what you are vaping, you need to take slow, steady draws to get a good hit out of it.  This is especially true if you are using the dry herbs.  You will want to make sure that when you put your herbs in the pen that they aren’t too finely ground up.  And then just use slow and regular draws to get the best vape from them.

As for the battery, I was very pleased with it’s average lifespan-one day when I was switching between e-liquids, dry herbs and concentrates all day long, and up to three days with lighter use.  This feature is very important for those who travel a lot but do not have the time to charge their Skycloud vaporizer every day.  Moreover, the battery takes about 2 & ½ hours to charge, and the user can either connect the charger to their computer or laptop, or attach the adaptor and connect the charger to a nearby socket.

The Skycloud is certainly a step up from a lot of the vaporizer pens that are available these days.  The ability to efficiently switch between any style of vaporization for less than $100 is a phenomenal value.  No need to drop any extra cash on additional accessories, because it all comes standard in the box.  The battery is very quick to charge up to, you will have a full battery within 1 hour through the wall charger and 2 or 3 from the computer.  The charge will then last easily over the course of a full day of use.  Snag a Skycloud today and you will never have to think about purchasing another battery in your life!




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