Silver Surfer VIP Vaporizer V2 (Version 2)


The Silver Surfer Vip Vaporizer V2 is the newest portable vape from 7th floor that features a compact style and technology for your favorite oils.  It utilizes a one button activation system that makes it user friendly.  Sufficiently small to fit into your pocket and take any place on the go.   Just pack it up with your wax or oil and you’re ready to start your vaping session within seconds.   Since this unit is made by 7th floor which is a well known company, you will be getting nothing but quality out of this vaporizer that is well engineered and capable of vaporizing oils at a high level.  The Silver Surfer Vip Vaporizer V2 uses a lithium ion battery and comes with a 6 month warranty on the battery and charger, Silver Surfer Vip Vaporizer V2 uses atomic number 3 particle batteries and comes with the half dozen month pledge that you’ll be able to choose between two colors of black & silver.

If your mainly using oil or wax as your primary method then the Silver Surfer Vip Vaporizer V2 is a portable pen that you should really think about adding to your inventory when you want to step up your game onto another level from your usage of whether it be the joint, pipe or bong. Silver Surfer Vip Vaporizer V2 will not disappoint you and you’ll be happy with the quality vapor that comes from this sleek small unit.


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