She Wolf


Pheromones to attract men are advancing in the field of research and purchases, every year. Pheromones that you can get under various names and brands can enhance your overall personality and give you a raise in your confidence both in the board room as well as in the bed room.

For years, pheromones have been a man’s territory and have captured all most all the market. But, the time has changed; now women pheromones are very popular among the age group of 18 and 35. No matter if you are an average looking woman or a very attractive one, your shyness or aggressive nature also does not play any role. Pheromones to attract men can increase sexual attractiveness in any women.

Increase your attractiveness in the eyes of not only men but also in women. Good if you are more socially involved and for you, it is always a need to look and feel more attractive and confident. It is ideal for social situations. She Wolf Pheromone is a secret formula that came after years of research. It has been tested over various men. When the men breathe these pheromones in a woman, they found her 10% more attractive.

Being a scented perfume, She Wolf should make any woman more irresistible, sexy and they mention “youthful glow”.

She Wolf is a premium blend that’s targeted for real feminine ladies out there who would like to get very flirty with guys and get wild, in an attractive sexy way. I’m sure it enhances your own self-confidence levels to appear irresistible when around men.

The scent has been described as fresh green top notes together with juicy fruits and feminine flowers. This is the feeling that has attempted to induce, with the She Wolf pheromone. That is part of the reason it has taken so long to bring it together. Not only was the scent organization complex, the pheromone formula was complex, with over 8 human pheromones or pheromone like substances. Besides, I mean, what should a wolf smell like? hundreds of formulas have been tried out, and Liquid Alchemy Labs even tested existing perfume and colognes trying to get some idea if anything on the market inspired the feelings of wolf. The spirit of She Wolf gives others the impression that you are younger, healthier, and more fit. You will appear to be a female of higher quality, the testosterone levels of men will climb over 100% in only minutes when you are around. All the better to have your way with the man that you desire to have as your prince. Love will find a way through the paths of the woman that wears the scent of she wolf to prey on the man of her dreams.