Scent of Eros-Floral Fragrance


Many technical and scientific examinations have confirmed that women who produce large amount of copulins pheromones; enjoy more success with men. These are the women who do not require a scent to attract men. The best pheromones for women are already seductive, exciting and desirable and they have the great attractive quality that attracts the men to fall in love with. Many of the times it has been demonstrated that these women are not charming, sexier or beautiful than other women and yet they can still easily attract the men towards them because they produce high copulins than of any average women.

Scent of Eros was one of the first pheromone products to hit the market almost ten years ago, which was developed by the godfather of pheromone studies, Dr. James Vaughn Kohl from the Luv Essentials company, who has been researching about pheromones for over 10 years. After he had published his book regarding pheromones, he wanted to produce the product. It is widely available in both scented and unscented versions that are pleasant and potent. The Scent of Eros is very well known in the pheromone perfume market and a lot of women have been using it successfully for years. It is among the pheromone product that is supported very well with decades of research.

Scent of Eros is a product that creates a powerful attraction to the opposite sex. It is a special type of perfume/cologne that incorporates synthesized pheromones in it’s formula which facilitates the attraction process of it’s aphrodisiac effects. This signifies that side from drawing attention from men, it as well aids in making the relationship more exciting. The product also has a male version available but the female scent has become infinitely more popular because of it’s popular floral smell. Due to it’s limited pheromone content, Scent of Eros is not an over-powering scent and really smells like a nice perfume/cologne. The women who use the Scent of Eros floral feel much better and it will increase her feminine appeal also. Scent of Eros features a roll on bottle for simple application.

The Scent of Eros contains 2 human pheromones, the Androstenol and Copulins. The Androstenol is a social pheromone that generates a sense of vigor and youth, comfort, chattiness, friendliness, and relaxation to its user. On the other hand, Copulin is a potent sexual attractant. According to the manufacturer, these are very effective pheromones. As soon as you use the product, you will notice that people around you will respond differently to you. They become much more friendly, approachable and nicer to you. Even your worst enemy can become friendly with you since it likewise enhances the person’s natural appeal. It can as well be used within the workplace making it an environment conducive to work at. Copulins or pheromones have proved to increase the biochemical production in the human body that are responsible to drive sex feeling in men to some extent thus, causes a man to have maximum sexual attraction. These pheromones also help to release neuro-transmitters that immediately modify a person’s behavior and immediately trigger sexual excitement in men. Another key ingredient in the Scent of Eros is Androsterone which helps to add feminine components to the neutral blend in order to have a positive effect on men.

When I asked my sample of ten women what they thought of Scent of Eros’s smell, 8 out of 10 said “they really liked it” and 2 out of 10 said “they liked it.”

When I asked my sample of ten men what they thought of Scent of Eros’s smell,6 out of 10 said they “liked it” and 2 out of 10 said they “weren’t fussed” and 2 out of 10 said they “didn’t like it.”

For those women who want to be the center of attraction and like being noticed, the Scent of Eros is highly recommended for you that will deliver results you have been looking for.


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