Puffit 2


Vaporizers that are currently on the market today have somewhat very similar designs.   The vape pens are by far the most dominant form of mobile vaporizing.   Breaking from this common trend, is the Puffit 2 portable vaporizer which is made by discreet vape and it’s very-discreet that it can mimic the look of a real medical inhaler.   It’s the only concealable and ultra-discreet/private vaporizer that you can get right now.   The Puffit 2 is meant for stealth vaping, when it’s socially inappropriate to light up or when other vaporizers might give you away.   This review will show you just how easy it is to vape inconspicuously in public.  Patients often seek to medicate discreetly without attracting attention.  Unfortunately, an unjust stigma still partially exists around cannabis consumption, even for medicinal purposes.  Anyone should be free to relieve their pain whenever necessary.  I wasn’t a fan of the previous Puffit models but this new model is actually really good.

Don’t expect Huge clouds or the best vapor quality but if you need to vape out in public then I highly recommend the Puffit 2.  It is unlikely anyone on the street would recognize what you were doing if you used it.   Obviously, if you visibly exhale a large amount of vapor, that’s definitely a hard giveaway.  Ordors are also indicators of consumption, so it’s important to be aware of these factors when in public.  One issue that prevents optimal discretion is the time it takes to heat up the Puffit 2.  However, this problem can be solved by heating the vaporizer out of sight until it is ready to be used.   As long as you inhale from it relatively quickly, there is little risk of attracting attention.  If anything, someone would just think you were using an actual inhaler.  You start a session by filling the heating chamber with dry herbs,  packed tightly.  You then insert the core into the shell and press down for a few seconds.  It will vibrate to indicate it’s starting the process, then do a “heartbeat” double vibrate every few seconds to indicate that it’s still heating.  When it’s reached the target at the temp, you’ll feel two long vibrations and you’re ready to take a hit.  For that, simply breathe in through the mouthpiece as you would an asthma inhaler.   The first cycle doesn’t seem to produce much vapour.  However if you wait 12 seconds, you can press the core again and start a new heating round.  The heating process won’t last as long, since the chamber will already be on the temp, but by the end of the second heating cycle, you start seeing good vapour come out.  This vapour isn’t super thick, however it is very desirable.  The extraction process seems to be efficient, managing to achieve its effects with no trouble.  The flavor is great.  After about three or four cycles, you should open up the chamber and stir the herbs with the included metal stick.  You can then keep going for about four more cycles before you start tasting the herbs being a little toasted.  You can do a final stir and you’ll still get some effect for a couple more cycles, but after the 10th or 12th cycle, you’re reaching the end of the line.

The Puffit 2 uses a USB charging system and the battery attaches directly to the chamber/bowl.  It’s the top part of the unit as it’s sticking out and actually really small for the amount of battery life it puts out.  The battery seems to last for about 50 cycles after a full charge, which is enough to fill up and empty the chamber about 4 times.  Even when the battery is running low, it still reaches full temp and you get the full effect.

Overall I would have to say that I’m really impressed with the Puffit 2, and the improvements that have been made.  You can expect consistently smooth vapour production.  I would not recommend any other unit that performs as well as the Puffit 2 in a price range of just a little under $100 that really can’t be beat for what the Puffit 2 has to offer.  Be advised, if you’re looking for colossal clouds of vapor, this vaporizer simply isn’t for you.  However, if discretion is the name of your game, why not give the Puffit 2 a shot.  You will be glad that you did.



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