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Paratrex is a colon cleansing product formulated to create an unfavourable environment in the digestive tract for harmful organism like parasites. Aside from flushing out parasites from the digestive system, it also works to get rid of potentially harmful toxins to help prevent health problems. It uses a combination of gentle natural organic ingredients to get rid of the harmful organisms.

Everything you eat, drink, or handle could be inviting unwanted guests to set up a home in your body. Harmful organisms affect billions of people. It is estimated more than 150 million Americans may have parasite invaders!

Harmful organisms are abundant in the environment and your colon provides the ideal environment to host these dangerous organisms. There are so many varieties of bacteria and worms and viruses that it’s impossible to avoid all of them. But, you can take measures to reduce your risk. From basic hygiene to lifestyle changes, simple practices can help protect yourself and your family.

I was interested in parasite cleansing because for years I felt sluggish, tired, and was constantly itchy especially in the rectum area. I knew I wasn’t living life to my fullest for my health. So I decided to do, in depth research in alternative medicine that you do not see advertised on tv for people to be more aware about due to FDA (Food and Drug Administration) censorship of nutritional science. I can’t tell you the whole truth, about what Paratrex really does with not being threatened with criminal prosecution by the FDA so I decided to include this very helpful link for you to click on about health effects of harmful organisms.   After my extensive research I found out that I most likely maybe infected with parasites. I then read reviews on multiple parasite cleansing programs and then I happened to stumble upon paratrex.

The dietary supplement is manufactured by Global Healing Centre, which is a company that specializes in organic supplements. They offer a variety of formulations but the company is well-known for their digestive aids.   The company offers a satisfaction guarantee for all of their products which is impressive.

After reading multiple reviews on this paratrex from customers who had tried it and explained how much it made a positive difference in their overall health, I decided to place my order for the product to see if it would rid my symptoms of being itchy and eliminating the parasites from stealing the nutrients from my body and to banish my fatigue.

Paratrex was extremely easy to take. All I needed to do was take 3 capsules in the morning before my breakfast, and to take 3 capsules after lunch for a little more than 1 month. It was very convenient! At first, I didn’t notice any changes. Then after 1 week, I had a healing experience, from that point I knew that the Paratrex was removing the harmful toxins and parasites from my body.

Well after 2 weeks, I had a huge bowel movement, and when I looked at the toilet, I literally screamed. I saw these wormy creatures that looked like tapeworms and roundworms/pinworms. I wasn’t to concerned as I understood that paratrex was doing it’s job to flush out these trouble makers out of my system. I glared at the worms in the toilet for a second with a smile upon my face of a mission being accomplished and then I proceeded to flush the toilet and say to the parasites hasta la vista baby which is a catch phrase associated with Arnold Schwarzenegger from the film Terminator 2; Judgment day. After 1 month, I knew everything was gone. My itchy symptoms disappeared and my energy level was rejuvenated.   To this very day, my friends and family members want to know how I was able to banish my symptoms with not seeing a doctor about it. I tell them about parasite cleansing, and body cleansing in general. If you want to buy a product that helps to boost the health of your colon and to eliminate parasites, Paratrex is a worthwhile product, and most importantly it works. Start your parasite cleansing today!


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