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The Mighty Vaporizer is a portable convection vaporizer that’s very similar to the Crafty vaporizer but the only difference is that it’s double the size with enhanced battery life, brought by Storz and Bickel, the makers of the popular desktop unit the Volcano Vaporizer.  As far as top vaporizers are concerned, the Mighty is certainly a contender.  Many reviews hail it as the best portable vape on the market today.  

The Mighty has the best average battery life of any portable vaporizer that I’ve tested.  It’s easy to use via the on-vape temperature buttons, but due to the extra battery and the display screen, the unit is not only wider, but taller.  It’s not any thicker than the Crafty vaporizer.  The Mighty is one of the biggest portable vaporizers currently on the market.  The exact dimensions are 5.5″H x 3.2″Lx 1.2″D and weighs 230 grams.  By comparison, the Crafty weighs 135 grams.  The Mighty uses both a conduction and convection heating method, which is also known as a hybrid, it uses a bit of conduction to help pre-heat the bowl and then convection for the rest of the time.  The heat up time for the Mighty is approximately 1 minute and 30 seconds to 2:00 minutes which is by far faster than the Crafty.

The Mighty bowl holds about .2 grams of dry herb depending on grind style and how you load the chamber.  You can get upwards of .3 grams with a super fine grind.  Vapor quality with this unit is amazing to say the least and works like a charm every single time producing clouds of pure tasting, highly potent vapor.  I’m still amazed at how much vapor I can see when I exhaled because it goes in so smooth I hardly feel it.  The Mighty comes with the filling aid that makes loading/unloading the bowl super easy.  Just load the herb, attach the filling aid and drop in some herb.  Even though the heating chamber is right at the top of the unit, the vapor is always cool and I find it really brings out the natural flavor of the plant quite nicely.  When it comes to vapor quality, Storz and Bickel managed to infuse a portable with Volcano-like vapor quality.

Using The Mighty brings me back to the days I used my Volcano exclusively and I must say, it kinda feels like having a Volcano you can take with you on the go. The look and feel of the digital display are reminiscent of the Volcano and the purity of the vapor with both The Mighty and The Crafty is pretty much on-par with their original desktop grandfather.  It’s a testament to the strength as a manufacturer when you can make a unit almost completely out of plastic and still make it a very great machine to have it feel like high quality.

Like the original Volcano, you do get what you pay for. The Mighty is arguably one of the best portable vaporizers on the market and will please even the most seasoned vaper.This unit is great for people who don’t care about the loss of discretion.  If you aren’t on a strict or tight budget, I would absolutely recommend both The Mighty and The Crafty to anyone. I also would recommend the Volcano in the desktop category.  Go for the Mighty, I can guarantee, you won’t be disappointed.


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