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After I started my quest to personally determine whether pheromones really work or not, I had to find a product that had a excellent reputation to be my first test. After researching I found that Max Attraction products have been sold for more than 11 years and most reviews were very positive.

Max Attraction Gold is a well known pheromone brand that has a rather extensive line of designer pheromones for both men and women. With up to 17.8 mg per bottle, Max Attraction is potent stuff. A very powerful and amazing pheromone, there is a reason it is called Max Attraction. It comes with 17.8mg of pheromones per bottle, and has a scent that drives women wild. It has been found that women who encounter this scent will exhibit more eye contact and suggestive body language. The effects will vary depending on natural chemistry but it has been reported to increase the number of women who will approach you.

I decided to think it over for alittle bit and came down to a conclusion to give it a field test since I was very optimistic on the positive reviews I’ve seen over the internet about this product since this could end up being what every man is looking for in a pheromone cologne. Before buying Max Attraction Gold, I decided to look at their site and the first thing I noticed was that they offer a full money back warranty, and that’s one thing you always need to look for when buying any product.

Upon using this product for the first time I soon understood why this company has been around for more than 11 years and has the positive reviews to back up the company. It’s no question that this product is very potent with pheromones because it has the musky pheromone odor. However, once the product is applied to the skin the pheromone odor is not very detectable. The first day I used Max Attraction Gold, I had no special plans, it was just a day spent running a few errands around town. In the afternoon I was at StarBucks and at Chapters for a few hours.  I was very shocked with the results I’ve encountered in my day. I received a ton of attention from women of all ages.  One gorgeous mid 20’s female asked to sit at my table, despite having several other empty tables. While sitting there she did everything in her power to maintain conversation with me. Without even asking she gave me her telephone number and asked me to give her a call.

Max Attraction works almost instantly with just two sprays due to its high potency. This gives men a very dominate approach to women, and younger women tend to love the addictive scent that it gives off as well.

About a week later I was invited to a nice local restaurant for drinks and dinner with a group of acquaintances from work. I felt like this would be a great opportunity to see how Max Attraction Gold would work in a real social setting, so I applied 2 sprays to my fingers and applied it behind both ears. When I arrived at the restaurant we had a private room in the back and there were about 10 people in our party. Paul, a guy who use to work with some of my co-workers was there with a beautiful young brunet lady, he had just started dating. I sat across the table from Paul and April. Soon after I took my seat April started making eye contact with me. When I would look at her she would look off, but she did it in a very slow seductive manner as if she wanted me to know that she was looking at me. As the night went on she started general conversation with me like; do you have children; are you married, and work. There was no question that Max Attraction Gold was working that night. A female co-worker who I had worked with for many years began to flirt with me a little bit. The next day I got a friend request on Facebook from, guess who? That’s right, April I accepted her friend request and she immediately sent a message to my inbox. April and I started conversing through Facebook, then by phone and a week later we met back at the same restaurant for dinner. That same night I ended up back at her apartment.

Max Attraction will likely exceed any expectations you have regarding pheromones. Users have reported women turning their heads and taking notice as well as more dates, and more sex. What makes it even better is you get the simple seduction DVD that will teach you how to maximize your experience with pheromones.

It has been over two years since I first used Max Attraction Gold and I have tested over 50 pheromone products and Max Attraction Gold is still my favourite pheromone product that’s on my best pheromone list. Max attraction Gold is truly a reliable sexual attractant and there will be no question whether it is working or not. When I wear it my results are very noticeable and with some women it is almost like magic. When I use it I notice women will make prolonged eye contact; When they are talking to you, and they’re constantly playing with their hair, and when you walk off and look back, you will find them staring at you, and what is most noticeable is the flirting and sexual comments that some women make.

It is no question that Max Attraction Gold is a very effective product that definitely does what it’s advertised to do. My final thoughts on my Max Attraction Gold review that it will likely exceed any expectations. Max Attraction has a very spicy scent and a clean feeling.  Users can expect significant results with this powerful pheromone.



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