Magical Butter

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The Magical Butter was created by a guy named Garyn Angel for a friend with Crohn’s Disease who didn’t want to smoke cannabis, but heard about the medical benefits for people with his condition.  Garyn was very determined to come up with an easier way to make cannabutter than the relatively complex grind-decarboxylate-cook-strain separate routine that everyone has been using for decades.  After a lot of experiments, he came up with the Magical Butter appliance.  Garyn calls it a “Botanical Extractor” because this new version doesn’t just make cannabutter, but also oil and alcohol extractions,  and the best part about this unit is that it does most of the work, leaving you to spend more of your time figuring out what to cook with all the in filled goodness that packs in a passion for premium quality.  If you’re looking for a simple and efficient way to make your cannabis oil at home then the Magical Butter has everything that you need.

Garyn Angel has not only helped his friend and arguably hundreds or thousands of other patients but he’s also been able to give money to some of the patients forced to flee non-MMJ states simply to stay alive.  He set up a charity called Cheers To Goodness that helps these “cannabis refugees”, who are often children with diseases like Leukemia or Dravet’s Syndrome.  He’s definitely a Good Guy from my view.

There is virtually no smell associated with the butter making process when you use the Magical Butter .  When you put everything inside the machine and secure the lid, all of the smell is locked inside.  That feature alone is well worth getting the Magical Butter.  As for cleanup, which used to be the worst part of the process, the Magical Butter cleans itself.  The fact there is no clean up to speak of makes this product a bargain! The only negative, and it’s not a big deal, is the noise, after all it’s a blender, good thing it cleans itself to out weigh the negative of the noise you have to hear in the production process.  To clean this unit all it takes is putting some water and dish soap into the machine, press the “clean” button, and come back after it’s done and pour out the water Hallelujah! Clean up time is a breeze!

As an added bonus, this thing’s got a bunch of blinking lights way more blinking lights than R2D2’s face and while it ran, it was entertaining for me to see it’s hypnotic light show.  The smell of cooking herb wasn’t too noticeable.  When I waited about an hour I was awarded with two cups of the finest Purple Urkel olive oil.  I managed not to spill while straining it through the included bubble bag type strainer.

If you are a regular cannabis user who prefers edibles, tinctures, or capsules to smoking or vaporizing, or you’d  just like to try making your own bulk, without the somewhat complex methods that have been used for many years.  Purchasing the Magical Butter is practically a no brainer.  That blender, plus the lecithin  and pre-programmed sequences that Garyn and his crew have developed, combine to literally emulsify the extracts, which help make them much more bio-available than normal methods.  The result is that simply using the Magical Butter saves you a lot of money, since you’ll need less cannabis for the same result.


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