Indica Vaporizer


The Indica Vaporizer is a reliable and simple to use high end new portable vaporizer on the market that resembles an old fashioned “Zippo” type lighter with incredibly solid build quality and superior vapour production, making it more effective than many larger, more expensive units.   At a measurement of 3 inches tall by 2 inches wide (7.6cm by 5cm), the Indica Vaporizer has a tough chrome-finish stainless steel outer casing that will only attract attention from those that of aware of your consumption.  The Indica comes in a sturdy, wood case which is lined with velvet and also includes a velvet bag to as well as several cleaning tools.  The box is a great stash holder in addition to a method of reducing waste.

With around 1.5 hours of continuous use on a single charge, and very convenient mini USB charging, the Indica takes the hassle out of on the go vaporization.  After 10 minutes of continual charging , the vape will automatically shut off in order to conserve power.  It’s one-button operation and five temperature settings deliver high performance with ultimate user-friendliness.  The Indica’s five temperature presets can all be selected from the touch of a single button,  and the unit heats up in under a minute.  Unlike other vaporizers, where inhaling too deeply can cool the chamber, the Indica features an advanced temperature conrol system which allows the user to maintain a consistent temperature of 170c (340f) and 211c (412f)is the highest temperature and allows the user to truly appreciate the taste of the herb.   Packing the unit requires precision, as the bowl is deeper than it is wide.  Fortunately, The Indica team provides users a vape pick that helps push herbs inside the bowl.  While packing, be mindful of the lid grooves.  These portions have a tendency to trap herbs, but the caught herbs are easily removed with the provided Indica vape pick.  If you feel like packing the chamber only halfway or a quarter of it, you can fill the empty space with supplied spacers for proper heat dsitbution and you will still receive the same quality vapor but it will not last as long as a full bowl.

The Indica is an awesome vaporizer that performs much better than I expected.  It is definitely more than a novelty item, but the lighter look definitely has advantages.   The unit needs virtually no cleaning other than the down tube every few sessions and that is achieved by running a bristled pipe cleaner dipped in rubbing alcohol through the tube.  I would highly recommend purchasing the Indica from a trusted retailer.


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