Haze Vaporizer

This portable Haze vaporizer is made by a company called Haze Technologies.  The Haze Vaporizer 3.0 is the first dual bowl vaporizers to offer both conduction and convection heating methods for dry herbs and can also be used to vape your concentrates and e-liquids.  The two chambers are isolated from each other inside the unit, when one side heats up it won’t  cause the other side to heat up as well, so each side only gets vaped when you want it to.  I have found out that the capacity of each side to be approximately 0.3g when using dry herbs, but it will vary a little depending on how finely you grind.  To use wax or oil concentrates with it you would use one of the cans or cartridges the unit provides.  It comes with small wicks inside of them which you would use with e-liquids, for everything else you take the pads out.

The size of the Haze has a design similar to that of a flask.  The weight is a little more than portables due to the stainless steel but not something that would be a discouragement from purchasing the unit.  It fits perfectly in a pair of jeans pocket and can easily be concealed in a back pack or hoodie.

The Haze comes with two different mouthpieces or stems, a glass piece and a stainless steel piece.  The mouthpiece secures back into the unit when not in use but I highly recommend that you don’t do that because it tends to get stuck after a few sessions.  What you’re suppose to do is turn the unit upside-down or give it a little flick to make the mouthpiece slide out.  Then it kind of just gets held into place once you pull it out far enough.

The heat exchange system works by pulling in cool air from outside the unit and passes by the air that exits in the unit.  This cools the vapor while simultaneously pre-heating the air entering the chamber which will help preserve the battery life.

Cleaning is very easy all you have to do is remove the mouthpiece, insert a que tip with alcohol on the que tip into the chamber and that’s all it needs for cleaning. A tweezer and shovel tool as well as a two sided brush tool come in the package with the unit for further cleaning and maintenance.  Your herb has no contact with the heating bowls, which will help for the bowls to remain clean at all times.  The only thing you need to clean is the vapor chamber with a little alcohol and a q-tip.

No other portable vaporizer is going to come close to replacing the Haze .  What other vaporizer product can offer both features of convection and conduction vaporization? No other vape but the Haze, which is why this vaporizer is ranked one of the best vaporizers of 2014, when it just came out. You can evaluate every type of website and company that sells vaporizers, nothing stacks up to the Haze. It’s getting harder and harder to find shops online that even sell this high end vaporizer for sale.  It would be a good idea to own this spectacular machine. With all heavy duty and high grade materials involved in building this work of art, hand built one by one to create the Haze to be able to function, with such precision and vapor purity as well as amazing performance, you can’t come close to having a better vapor than Haze.


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