Elevape Smart Vaporizer is a true convection vaporizer that is manufactured by iPuff in the USA of San Diego, California that was founded in 2010.  It is one of the most advanced portable vaporizers on the market which features a unique microprocessor that controls the air flow based on the user preferences and one of the first portable vaporizers which comes with a smart phone application that enables users to control preset temperatures that is intended for the serious vape enthusiast in mind.   It’s near indestructible, attractive and functional, it produces instant vapor, with it’s aircraft grade aluminum construction and top notch build quality.  Most importantly, it performs well with no lag; and is stylish and discreet enough to take anywhere.  Infact, the Elevape Smart operates by simply taking a puff on the mouthpiece.  This activates the heating coil and heat up is immediate.  Believe it or not there is absolutely no waiting to start vaping; it must be some kind of Holy Grail moment from heaven!

Tasked with this tall order was a team of 7 engineers with experience in thermodynamics, sensing systems, airflow analysis, software development and product design.  All parts are machined well with no loose fits anywhere.  The finish is glass bead blasted and anodized so it will not scratch easily, and there are no plastic parts anywhere.  If someone were to drop it on a busy highway, and it got ran over by a fleet of cars, it would still work flawlessly.  Users won’t have to worry about the unit breaking down.  iPuff insured the device of a one year warranty for the heating element and a lifetime warranty on it’s electrical components.

The Elevape Smart arrives with 3 temperature presets that come pre-programmed from the factory, chosen with the tiny switch on the side of the vape. The unique application provide graphical user interface where you can set your temperatures between the range of 250F to 450F. This provides the user with a flexible vaporization experience. The app is available for Mac and PC. The firmware is upgradable to so you stay up to date with all changes.  The app can be downloaded without registration and with or without usage tracking within the app so you can reference your settings and can change them as you wish, However, it is very much worth registering so you can be informed of software updates for the unit to support future interactive features like self diagnostics and a home base forced air ducting station.

Vapor production from the Elevape Smart is excellent.  Since the device is a convection unit, the heating element is situated very close to the herb.  This will give users a enjoyable tasty, and very smooth vaping session.  The density of the vapor depends on the temperature set and how the individual draws, but overall, the Elevape is a great performer.  Rookies will have no problem getting started with this, and advanced users will find it capable enough to replace their current vaporizers.

The product comes with a rechargable Lithium Polymer battery and provides an extremely long session time as well as quick recharging option.  The battery inside the Elevape Smart is amazing.  It recharges in about five hours, and once fully charged, can last the whole day.  The battery itself is a custom-made, six-cell, 1200mAh battery that has a 20C discharge rate.  What this means is, it packs enough power to produce instant vapor and maintain it’s temperature no matter how the individual draws.

The Elevape Smart Vaporizer is well-designed, highly thought out device, both in aesthetics and functionality and is a fine example of American craftsmanship. It may look simple on the outside, but inside, the unit is a work of art. The manufacturer touts this as the last vape you will need to buy.  After extensive beta testing, they are confident that their unit is a high quality, efficient,durable and reliable unit.  The app gives users a high level of customization while the device itself gives excellent performance that is difficult to match by any other portable vaporizer. Rookies and advanced users will find that the Elevape Smart Vaporizer is one great device that will last them a lifetime.



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