The Eclipse Vape H20 Vaporizer adapts to your water pipe,  That will give you the coolest smoothest vapor without getting all the harmful carcinogens and by products created by burning your herbs.   When herbs are vaporized, instead of it getting burnt, and the irritating and harmful effects of smoking are greatly reduced or eliminated.   The Eclipse Vape H20 Vaporizer is a portable vaporizer by Herbal Innovations that’s portable as a conventional pipe, and is less expensive than any electronic vaporizer, this unit requires no heat up time, and is more reliable.   There are no electronic gizmos that can break.  This cutting-edge vaporizer features removable vials that you fill with your preferred concentrate and then light from the outside with a standard lighter.  It works for vaping plant material as well, but the true benefit of the Eclipse Vape H20 Vaporizer is the ability to properly vaporize concentrates.  The H20 vaporizer is made of solid aluminum, and is anodized inside and out which seals in any leachable metals within the alloy, making it a food grade finish.  The H20 vaporizer is virtually indestructible providing years of convenient vaporizing.

The H20 vaporizer is crafted using a solid one-piece design and includes glass attachments compatible with any water pipe for extra vapor filtration.  The extended length between the user and the glass heating chamber created by using it with a waterpipe adds moisture to the vapor and gives it more time to cool down resulting in a clean and pure vaporizing experience.  If this description fits into what you looking to get out of a vaporizer, then the H20 vaporizer from Herbal Innovations is the vapor delivery system you are looking for.





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