In the aftermath of the Fukushima disaster, people desperately sought out a source of dietary Iodine for thyroid protection. Iodine supplements were sold out everywhere and became scarce. I was really surprised to learn about how so many health problems in the U.S. are because we are not getting enough Iodine.   Every single human being on this planet needs this essential element to be apart of their diet. When we don’t have it in our diet, it can turn out to being a disaster. I learned we can even become mentally ill from being Iodine deficient.

Iodine is one of the most important nutrients required by the human body. It is known to be very effective and safe water disinfectant and is an essential part of the diet, as in iodized table salt. However, some people may suffer from Iodine deficiency, a condition which can involve some serious health problems such as the swelling of the thyroid hormones. Iodine can only be regularly found in marine food, the chance of having an Iodine deficiency is always there. You can prevent yourself from Iodine deficiency naturally and regulate and balance hormone levels in the body through Detoxadine.

Detoxadine is a very advanced Iodine source which supplies nascent atomic Iodine that makes it effective than most of the Iodine supplements available on the market, it is made from dietary transformative iodine in a bio-elemental state.   Detoxadine is gentle on your stomach and will not sting or burn when used externally. Take the supplement by following the instruction by placing 3 drops on the tongue and washing it down with glass of purified water everyday.   The supplement is perfectly safe for human health and for those who have Iodine allergies.

This form of Iodine is made from 300 million year old salt deposits deep sourced from thousands of feet under the earth. When I took my first dose of Iodine, I was seriously surprised! Unlike almost anything I ever took, I felt the effects instantly within my body.   The Iodine in Detoxadine is extracted from Kelp and other organic sea vegetable sources, making it suitable for vegans. Furthermore, the supplement is contained in a vegetable glycerin base instead of alcohol, which is not the case with most of the Iodine supplements.

After taking this form of Iodine for a week, I felt different in several ways. My mood changed very noticeably. I felt like I was giving my body what it needed to run better than ever before and it felt great. My excessive sweating problem was gone and handling stress was more manageable. I experienced a huge increase in energy. I know for a fact now that Iodine is an essential element that I have been missing for years. I encountered new levels of energy I didn’t know I had.   I also slept like a baby after the first day of taking Detoxadine. Furthermore, it offers countless health benefits such as lowering cholesterol levels, boosting immunity, reducing body odors, increasing physical and mental strength and regulating blood sugar.

From my experience, Nascent Iodine is a hands down must have nutrient. It is a very valuable food source that the general population is not getting enough of, and everyone should be taking it. The human body is like a vehicle and when you supply your body with the beneficial super foods, your body will excel on all levels of health. If you want to give your body the fuel it needs, grab a bottle of Detoxadine!



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