Davinci Pocket Vaporizer

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The Davinci Pocket is an extraordinary vaporizer on the go, it can do both dry herb’s and essential oils.  It’s temperature controlled is what truly sets the Davinci Pocket apart from other portable vaporizers.   The temperature ranges from 100 degrees to 405 degrees Fahrenheit.  It can heat up to maximum temperature in less than two minutes, and it’s auto shut-off feature automatically switches off the device in 10 minutes.  It has a flexible vaporizing experience that allows the user to achieve specific desired effects.  If you’ve never owned a Davinci Pocket vaporizer before, then don’t be shocked at the price of the device.  After all, Davinci Vaporizers are considered as premium vaporizers that command such a high price in the market.  You will soon realize later when owning this unit, that it’s worth every penny.

The Davinci Pocket comes in some really impressive packaging with artwork covering the entire box.  The box really feels sturdy and gave me a good impression of the Davinci Pocket.  This unit looks very similar to a walkie-talkie, even down to the antenna delivery system.  The Davinci Pocket is about 4 inches tall and 2.5 inches wide.  At first glance you can tell that the Davinci Pocket is a quality product just by picking the thing up; it is very solid but still lightweight (drop tested as well).  In addition, the rubberized paint prevents the Davinci from sustaining scratches.

Davinci Pocket is fairly easy to use.  When you get it out of the box, immediately charge the device for three hours.  Once it is completely charged, screw the straw located on top of the unit to get access to the heating chamber.  Now it is time to insert your oils into the oil can, or grind the bong and insert it into the heating chamber.  Once you have placed your material into the heating chamber, turn on the vaporizer by sliding the main power switch.  This is located at the side of the device.  After that, select the heat setting by pressing the up and down buttons that are located on the front of the unit.

There’s a LED light on front of the Davinci Pocket which would turn red, indicating that the device has been switched on.  The LED light will turn green after a minute and 30 seconds, meaning you can now inhale and enjoy with whatever method your using to medicate your material that gives you the preferred effect.  Cannabis is not the only material that you can vape with from the Davinci Pocket.  You can use it for vaping herbs like chamomile and eucalyptus if you want to relax after a stressful day or even vape tobacco if your motive is to finally quit smoking. The optimum temperature varies for herbs, according to a Davinci representative I spoke to, as long as you keep your temperature below 392F you’re avoiding carcinogenic vapors.  So as you can see, temperature settings are more of a personal preference than anything.  It really just depends on what you are looking to get from your vaporizing experience.  It’s recommended to start at a lower temperature like 320F.  At this temperature you should not expect to see large vapor clouds.  You can check the chart below on the recommended temperature with the specific material your using during your vaping session.  One thing that impressed me about the Davinci Pocket is it’s ease of use and low maintenance.

davinciSLIDE6Whatever vaporizer your considering of purchasing, The Davinci Pocket vaporizer will leave you smiling and satisfied for years to come.


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