Davinci Ascent


The Davinci Ascent is a second generation portable vaporizer manufactured by Organicix,LLC.  While staying true to interesting features that make using this vaporizer really enjoyable and easy.  Offered by the original Davinci Vaporizer, the new model incorporates a ceramic bowl, an all-glass air path, and more.  All that being said, the Davinci Ascent is most often applauded for it’s ability to vaporize both dry herb and essential oils.  The Davinci Ascent, has remarked at how well made the device is, and how good it feels in your hand.

The first question that most people will ask about the Davinci Ascent is, How is it better than the original model? With this thought in mind, I decided to list the few new features below.

  • All-Glass Vapor Path
  • Longer Battery Life-Rechargable batteries offer 2+ hours of continuous run time
  • Improved Straw System- Glass trumps plastic any day of the week
  • Relocated Bowl-Moving it from the top to the bottom makes it much easier to load
  • Ceramic Bowl-This is a much healthier option for patients
  • Sleek Design-The Davinci looks incredibly block like in comparison
  • More Intricate LED Screen
  • Personal Vaporization Settings-Allows for a completely customizable experience
  • Auto-Shutoff Timer

The Davinci Ascent has a fairly large chamber and it holds 0.3 grams of material.  This is larger than most units, and it works best with a full load in the chamber.  You can use screens and other things like that to cut down on bowl size, but your best results will come from a full pack.  It is also highly recommended to get screens for the bottom of the chamber, because material that is finely ground will fall through on occasion.  It’s not like your whole load will be falling through, but a few pieces might.  As far as turning the Davinci Ascent on, you simply press the power button on the top of the unit near the mouth piece.  The default temperature is 375F, when your unit reaches your set temp (only1-2 minutes)you can set it by Fahrenheit or Celsius in 1 degree increments, you will see an icon that looks like a cup of soup, and that lets you know that you are ready to vape.

Davinci Ascent has a table on their website with temperature suggestions for all sorts of stuff from St. John’s Wort to Ginsing.  I’ve tried the unit with a variety of materials, and the flavors it brings out are quite strong.  Flavors are much more boldly and upfront than even the best table-top vaporizers  that are not experienced by smoking it.  Cleaning the  Davinci Ascent is a relatively simple process simply remove the retractable mouthpiece from the top of the unit and the internal glass straw ( can be found when the hinge is open), then soak them in every glass collector’s best friend- isopropyl alcohol.  The same can be done in order to clean the oil jars.

The Davinci Ascent is a great portable vaporizer.  It can do herbs and concentrates, it can be used while charging, and it’s very user-friendly.  The vapor quality is very good as well and comes out at about density compared to other units.  It’s clear that the company put a great deal of work into their second generation unit.   Overall, I definitely think the Davinci Ascent is worth purchasing and I’m sure you will be happy with it.



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