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Storz & Bickel has been making vaporizers since 2001 and are best known for the Valcano.  The  Germans who created the Volcano know quality, and make straightforward design that’s useful, not just attractive and this lead Storz & Bickel company to get into the portable vape market to create the Crafty vaporizer.  The Crafty Vaporizer has been making vaporizers for a long time, it’s a pocket sized vaporizer powered by a single lithium ion battery.  With it’s single button control, the Crafty can easily be set to optimal temperature.  Basic heating temperature of the Crafty reaches 356F, once the single button is clicked.  The next temperature of 383F can be reached with the double click of the single button.  What separates the Crafty from all other vaporizers is it’s Remote Control App feature that allow users to set the temperature, check the battery charging status, set alarm and vibration functions on your phone via Bluetooth.  Pretty Crafty Vaporizer!

The Crafty allows the user to customize the pre-set temps and boost temperature for certain strains and situations.  Unmatched for a portable. Pax and Arizer Solo have long held the top spots for hardest hitting portable but Crafty is setting a new high bar for vapor quality in portables.  The vapor quality from the Crafty is outstanding.  On lower temperatures, the taste of the herbs really popped out.  On higher temperatures, the desired clouds and high temp vaporizing sensations were present without any of the “burnt popcorn” cooked taste.  It’s a defiant game changer with it’s Crafty features and it’s true convection vaping abilities making it suitable for all users.

Maintenance is a snap.  The cooling unit is the only part that needs regular cleaning.  Quickly brush mouthpiece screen and bowl to dust any crumbs off, and don’t forget routine maintenance inside the mouthpiece with alcohol.

Crafty is a solid choice if you want power in a small package.  While it may be expensive, Crafty is definitely one of the best portable vaporizers.  It’s construction feels sturdy, solid.  It’s compact enough to carry around in your pocket.  It actually produces awesome vapor that it matches a $339+ desktop vaporizers.  The Crafty can also vaporizer dry and liquid/waxy blends.  How? “The pad” it comes with, which is like a fine mesh screen to drop your non dried blends on.  You can actually use the pad to take up space when you don’t want to fill the heating chamber up entirely; this allows you to efficiently vaporize smaller amounts of material.  The airflow is great and inhaling requires minimal effort, so you can relax and concentrate on medicating.  If you want to experience high-end desktop grade power on the go, then the Crafty vaporizer is the vape worth buying and you’ll also be saving a lot with your herbs/concentrates/oils when you decide to switch to a Crafty alternative.


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