Atmos Orbit

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If your looking for a portable vaporizer that can truly stand the test of time and provide you with plenty of pure, flavorful vapor from your favorite herbal blends, then look no further since the Atmos Orbit vaporizer is the ultimate choice.  Atmos Orbit is a brand new dry herb vaporizer pen created by well respected vape manufacturer Atmos Technologies.  It features a stylish design, LED indicator, and an advanced ceramic heating chamber.  The Orbit truly vaporizers dried herbs, with their latest design, Atmos claims that this product will actually vaporize your dried herbs and provide you with premium vaping performance that your looking to get out of this unit.    When it comes to dry herb pens, there really aren’t many products that are well suited to handle your needs.   Atmos has really made some progress here in the dry herb pen world with the creation and development of this highly functional product that does a fine job with your herbs.

The Atmos Orbit uses a 900mAh battery.  This unit takes less time to initially charge than other Atmos products, which can take three to four hours to start up the battery before your first use.  The Orbit’s battery only needs one to two hours of charge at first.  This is a great feature if you want to use your new vape shortly after purchase, or if you have little to no time to charge it.  The Atmos Orbit vaporizer boasts features that you just won’t find in other portable vaporizers for herbs.  The Orbit features a ceramic vaporizer heating chamber and a ceramic vapor pathway, so vapor doesn’t become contaminated with outgases from plastic or impurities of metal.  The tapered rubberized vaporizer mouthpiece ensures a comfortable draw during your vaping session.  Inside of the vaporizer heating chamber, an LED light provides illumination that makes it easy to see when you’re filling, when the Orbit needs to be charged, the LED power light will flash red.  A packing tool is even included to make it as easy as possible to get the portable herbal vaporizer ready for use.

For best functionality, be sure to clean and maintain the Atmos Orbit regularly.  Disconnect battery before cleaning.  To clean heating chamber, use the brush to gently around chamber walls.  For the rubber mouthpiece, simply wipe with a moist paper towel.  Use a small paper clip or pin to clear the airways within the ceramic filter.  When the battery is depleted, charge fully before using to maximize battery life.

Consumers that own the Orbit are saying that they have yet to find a serious flaw with the Orbit.  They are also open about expressing their opinion that this is one of the best vaporizer pen on the market.  More and more vaporizer users are favoring portable vaporizers because they want something that they can carry around in their pockets.  The truth is, there are many pen-shaped devices around, but the Atmos Orbit does not get lost in the crowd of the widely available vape pens because it has many advantages to offer it’s owner that wil be seeing flawless results each and every time when they vape.


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