Atmos Jump


If you have been following the herbal vaporizer market then you know there have been a lot of pens coming out over the past few years claiming to vape your material but yet instead you have a heating coil, that’s very similar to those cigarette lighters in cars that will burn right through your herb. The Atmos Jump has a powerful military grade carbon fiber housing that is very durable and compact of real vaporizers available.   This unit has a 1200mAh battery and it provides an astonishing performance with every use while evenly vaporizing dry herbs with it’s anodized heating chamber to provide a smooth vapor experience, when the battery life is fully depleted the Jump’s light indicator will flash 8 times, giving you a notice that it’s time to recharge the unit.  To recharge your unit just connect the micro-usb charger into the port found on the bottom of the vaporizer, once linked to the Jump’s indicator it will begin glowing red to signify charging is in the process.   After about 4 hours the light will stop shinning to indicate that charging is complete, however it is recommended that you charge for at least 6 hours prior to its first use to ensure an overall longer life span.

With a easy access mouthpiece and micro-USB charging, which combines portability and convenience to create one top-notch dry herb vaporizer.  This addition to the Atmos family is one of the most compact vaporizers on the market today, measuring in at only 5.75 inches tall and under an inch thick.  This makes the Jump the first to fit into the “vape pen” category without the possibility of combustion. This product is also very easy to clean, after each session just use the brush and just about all of the material will come out.  When it starts to get dirty, a little bit of alcohol on a cotton swab does the trick.  I also love the way the mouthpiece just pops off with one turn.  This device is actually very efficient, especially for it’s small size.  The material is vaporized evenly and once it is finished, the vapor production ends.  With other vapes, you sometimes get empty hits but with the Jump, you get nice puffs until the very end.

The Jump’s ease of use makes it one of the best vaporizers for everyone including the beginners just getting into the vape industry.  If you described this device to people from a few years ago and it was $60 then I can guarantee you that nobody would have believed you.  This type of product was virtually inconceivable then and now it is being sold at a reasonable price.  It is very important not to overly pack the chamber as this will block airflow, ultimately decreasing it’s performance.  Once the chamber is loaded, rapidly press the power button 3 times and the unit will then begin heating up, indicated by a red glowing light.  When vaporization temperature is reached, the light will then change from red to green, signifying the Jump is ready for use. To prevent over heating, this vaporizer comes equipped with a safety feature that will automatically turn the device off after four minutes of continuous use.  Press the power button 3 more times to reactivate the heating element and repeat unitl your material is fully vaporized.  If you want a good quality portable vape, go for it! This is great for anyone who wants to get into vaping but does not have a lot of money to spend.  However, this would also be a great option for somebody who already owns a good desktop unit and wants the convenience factor of being able to take this literally anywhere!



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