Atmos Bullet 2 Go

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The Atmos Bullet 2 Go is another pen style vaporizer from Atmos Technologies LLC, operating out of Florida USA. Atmos Bullet 2 Go is one of the smallest and most affordable all in one vape pens in the world.  It’s capable of vaporizing dried herbs and concentrates.   With a price point below $40 it is a strong contender for best value vape pen on the market.  This unit has a short heat up time, and one step activation make it a favorite among busy people everywhere.   The compact design of the Atmos Bullet 2 Go allows one to be as discreet as they wish to be without any loss of function.   This Atmos Bullet 2 Go pen ensures efficient vaporization of all material loaded into it, preventing the waste of expensive supplies.

Atmos have been making pen style vaporizers for quite a while now.  Sometimes it can be difficult to choose between pen vapes, with their simple loading and push button operation.  The Atmos Bullet 2 Go breaks the mold in one important respect however, with an affordable price tag for the Atmos Bullet 2 Go makes vaporizing accessible to a whole lot more people.  If a simple discreet looking no frills pen style vaporizer is what your looking for, then the Atmos Bullet 2 Go has everything that you need.


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