Atmos Boss


The Atmos Boss Vaporizer is the next generation of vaporizers released from Atmos technology, the maker of some of the best well known vaporizers on the market from the last few years.  The Atmos Boss lives up to it’s name.  It produces 100% pure vapor with no combustion which is what most people in general were expecting when the company originally released the Atmos Raw.

Atmos Boss Design

The Atmos Boss is made from a stainless steel construction that has a heating chamber which features an embedded heating coil and a ceramic mesh filter.  Essentially, this means that your dried herbs cannot come into direct contact with the heating coil, the temperature is controlled perfectly to ensure that your herbs are heated evenly and thoroughly to manage and deliver the best rich flavors in vapor quality and taste and free from carcinogens.  To make sure you always have great efficiency with vaping sessions, you want to always fully charge your Boss and keep maintenance on it for excellent performance.  Cleaning the boss isn’t difficult at all to clean either you take apart the chamber, mouthpiece and screen and use the brush that comes with the Atmos Boss or use a cotton swab to clean out any residue on the screen around the walls of the chamber or wipe off anything blocking the mouth piece and you’ll always have a great vaping experience!

Atmos Boss Performance

This is a vaporizer that’s very similar to using that of the atmos jump device. The Atmos Boss is a quality vaporizer that has an amazing design. The folks over at Atmos actually knew what they were doing when they made this unit. The Atmos Boss now has a waxy attachment that comes with the unit. It is a unit that is similar to what the KandyPens Gravity has which is a quality titanium coil with a quality cotton . Using the Atmos Boss is very easy. All you have to do is take off the rubber mouthpiece and load about .5 grams of herbal materials inside the Atmos Boss and sooner or later the indicator light will turn solid mean you’ve hit the maximum Temperature. The Atmos Boss is a vaporizer that’s right in the middle of a cheap dry herb vaporizer and a premium expensive vaporizer so you can put more risk involved with the Atmos Boss when it comes down to using a high quality device.

This unit is definitely one of the most light-weight and discreet portable vapor pens on the market .  This unit produces huge vapor clouds and still be able to enjoy the taste of your herbs.  Unlike the Pax by Ploom, it has very little draw resistance and the vapor produced doesn’t come out hot which means you get a much smoother hit.  This is the Boss of all vaporizers! Unrivaled and advanced and is one of the top quality portable vaporizer pens in the market today, with conveniently easy load ups but an even easier operating system for any situation, and with a nice steel finish it makes it strong and durable for those unexpected drops and falls.  If your looking around for a stylish and more importantly good working portable vape pen then the Atmos Boss is a must have for anyone in need of a more enhanced vape pen that will bring nothing but amazement for it’s owner each and everytime

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