Atmos Astra


The Atmos Astra is the first multi-temp vaporizer created by Atmos.  The Atmos company has gained a lot of success in providing enjoyable vaping experiences with the recent Boss, Transporter, and the Orbit.  However, each of those devices is missing one important feature of the other true vaporizers that the Astra has which is the ability to adjust the temperature setting.   With the Astra, you have 5 temperatures to choose from.  You can start at a low temperature of 356 degrees Fahrenheit, and gradually increase the temperature, through 374, 392, 410, and finally, 428 degrees Fahrenheit.  Atmos Astra is an all-in-one vape, making it accessible to users of concentrates, oils, and dry herbs.  The Astra offers no digital controls like the Da Vinci Ascent, but it’s hitting all the right spots.  Temperature settings are, without a doubt, the biggest improvement.   With a fairly small and sleek design, the Atmos Astra is great for portability and on the go vaping and the inconspicuous appearance make the Astra a excellent product  by Atmos.

The impressive feature that the Atmos Astra offers is convection vaporization and produces very clean and high quality vapor.  Opening up the Atmos Astra  you will notice the high quality box it lays inside with all the accessories and you will also notice the high quality stainless steel that’s anti-scratch resistant outer shell that it’s made out of.  The measurements of this unit is less than 6 inches long making it perfect to put inside your pockets.  The Atmos Astra uses a lithium ion 2000 mAh 18650 battery.  When you first buy your Astra, it is recommended that you charge it for 6 hours to initially condition the battery.  This will help the battery warm up and be ready for repeated use for the rest of its lifetime.  From this point, the battery only takes about two hours to charge completely.  The Atmos Astra comes with a plug-in wall charger and a micro-USB chord to use for charging anywhere there’s an outlet.  While charging, the light on the outside of the vape indicates the current battery life, Red indicates: under 20%, Green indicates: under 60%, White indicates: under 100%, the light will then turn off once the battery is fully charged.  An entirely charged battery should last about 3-4 sessions,  depending on your size of your group or if your vaping alone.

This vape is very easy to use, simply remove the rubber mouthpiece from the top, load in your herbs, pack them down gently, and replace the mouthpiece.  While in use , it may help to stir your herbs a bit so that they vape thoroughly and efficiently.

Atmos has made very careful decisions with the Astra , and it pays off for the owner, It’s a great little vaporizer for using on-the-go or for someone who has little vape experience.  It is easy to handle, simple to maintain, and fun to use.  Over all the Atmos Astra is a true convection herbal, oil and wax vaporizer and is very versatile and I highly recommend this product to anyone that’s getting into vaping cause this vaporizer will turn you into a true vapor enthusiast!



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