The AFA, is a social unisex pheromone mixture that allows the wearer to command greater respect while at the same time encouraging communication from both sexes.

AFA is an excellent pheromone to wear in the work environment, and has become quite popular with women do to the increase in respect that they receive when wearing this social pheromone.

AFA Contains an unprecedented 0.020% Androstenone and 0.020% androstenol in an ethanol base for adding to your favorite cologne, perfume, or aftershave. A unisex product with a very strong female following. Tamper-sealed for your safety.

I wore and tested out this social pheromone while I was at my job and I was very impressed with not only how my co-workers reacted towards my presence, but how my supervisor and boss were more at ease, each and every time I would wear this social pheromone while I was at work, and from time to time again I would generate extra hours on how my work ethics would be appreciated each and every time I would start my shift and finish my shift.

This is one of the many social pheromones that I like to wear to work to get the commanded respect that I desire each and every time, I walk into work and ready to tackle on any challenges that come my way and sometimes my boss and supervisor will gladly volunteer themselves to help me with my work load, which was an awesome effect of AFA working it’s magic on all unsuspecting levels, that I surely would not imagine to become a reality happening at my job!

If you would like to command some respect in the work environment to move up to higher positions at work or if you want to get the well deserved recognition for the hard work that you do on a daily basis then look no further because AFA is the answer to your solution.  You will not be disappointed once you experience AFA.

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