Hypnotica Social pheromone



Hypnotica is a unisex social pheromone created for those people that want to shine, while engaging in a social environment that is packed with a lot of people. This unique blend of the formula is so powerful that you either may end up making new friends or you will be able to have a maximum level of acceptance and influence over others with not even knowing that you have mastered the art of hypnotizing the people around you!

Some people are looking for the sexual vibe from what a pheromone can produce while other people want a pheromone that can help them in social situations that will work out in their favor, whether if it’s a sales job, or building up your social status with your work colleague, Hypnotica has you covered with delivering unbelievable results that will play out in a natural way as if you have found yourself a lucky charm!

Hypnotica also lends itself as a companion to alpha products that may be just a bit too much. Hypnotica can smooth out the alpha and help you to find that sweet spot for attraction and influence that must be achieved by a level of personal calibration that cannot be acquired by using the social pheromone alone.

One of the many common factors of this well crafted unisex social pheromone is that people who purchased this product have been using Hypnotica for seduction, that will make the person that’s the center of attention seem to be attractive to the people around him/her.

People will listen and seem very interested and respectful to what you have to say. I personally feel very optimistic when using it. I sometimes use this to add into blends so I can diversify the effects of the social weapon. I decided to test the effects of Hypnotica at my occupation, which is being a waiter and it has helped me to build a strong social connection with the customers and my co-workers and little did I know I would be surprised with the amount of difference it had in getting tips.   When I go to the grocery store wearing Hypnotica while I’m shopping, I randomly get approached by some people that engage into a conversation with me that can sometimes last about 5 minutes or even 10 minutes at the most and each and every time I wear Hypnotica while I’m out and about, I always wonder what interesting conversations will I randomly embark on for my day for today and all and all it has been nothing but positive results.

If you would like to step up your game, socially in all areas of your life. I would highly recommend that you give Hypnotica a try and see what will unfold for you while wearing this social butter fly pheromone that may generate surprises when you least expect it.


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