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Aqua Vitae pheromone cologne is a product that is not only potent but also does a marvelous job at grabbing attention, while also creating that “awe” feeling with your presence. If your still in any doubt about pheromones working? Then this is the absolute must try out product that every male needs to experience that will turn you into a believer!

It’s no wonder why Aqua Vitea pheromone cologne is a best seller for the high attractant sexual vibe it brings out. It contains a blend of 7 pheromones making this a complex but well balanced product. Keep in mind the main pheromone is Androstenone, which gives the male user a dominant, influential, alpha impression to the opposite sex. There’s 6 other pheromones balancing out the androstenone’s intimidating affects while escalating the trust and friendliness feelings, maintaining the influential aura of the strong male. I decided to pick up a bottle based on the reputation of Liquid Alchemy Labs.

I began wearing Aqua Vitae to a job I recently started working at and noticed immediately that Aqua Vitae was way to sexual for the workplace. I was treated like a celebrity, everyone wanted to come and see me and have a conversation with me, from both women and men. Some women came around me as much as possible with flirting, touching, staring at me etc. I actually got into a little trouble with my boss because of all the girls.

I was told by a female friend and co-worker that I made her horny when I walked by, she even decided to explain the whole situation, she said she was fine when she got to work with no thoughts of sex or anything along those lines but when she passed me going down the hallway all she could think about is me and sex.

The biggest thing with Aqua Vitae is that it can be a little over the top and just plain blatant. If you have ever felt “invisible” in the bars or clubs then Aqua Vitae will end that. Some women may feel intimidated but all you need is a little confidence to open them up in a playful way. Flirting is a man’s secret weapon with any woman!

I must add that if you’re not confident, wearing AV can be very frustrating with inconsistent hits. If you are a naturally confident guy, Aqua Vitae pheromone cologne will get you into being your own version of James Bond!

I wasn’t fully convinced yet with Aqua Vitae, I felt that it was too good to be true and maybe it was just how the women were at my job or maybe I was more attractive than I believed myself to be.

My doubts led me to test more further for Aqua Vitae on a friend, I figured if it worked on her then I wasn’t crazy and it’s just as potent as I expected. One night while out drinking I told one of my friends about Aqua Vitae and convinced him to try it. I applied my regular amount of 2-3 inches from the roller top bottle to both forearms and 1 inch to both sides of neck.

We went back to the bar to get more drinks and we purposely stood behind a blonde and a brunette who appeared to be there together, within 20 seconds they were both stroking, twirling & tossing their hair around. My friend looked at me & I whispered they can’t help it, moments after they both looked back & whispered among themselves.

Once they got their drinks they turned around & the blonde asked if my friend worked out a lot at the gym cause he’s a very built guy. Then the brunette said “is this real” & started touching his chest, the blonde reaches over & grabs his arms. At this point I’m jealous but I refrained from applying any pheromones to myself and I decided to sit back and watch it all unfold with the scent of pheromones. As the night came to an end, I had all the information I needed that Aqua Vitae is legit. My friend also had all the proof he needed, he ended the night with the brunette’s phone number & when we were on the way out, she shouted out “ you better call me.”



  • Just to elaborate – Aqua Vitae pheromones seem to be DESIGNED specifically for highly competitive environments. It’s a BEAST in the nightclub arena, where there are loads of other guys competing for the same girl. When you learn how to navigate Aqua Vitaes alpha, dominant, charismatic vibe, it’ll be easy to get instant makeouts, numbers, and even one night stands.
  • 2 drops seems to get the best effects for me personally. Make sure you ask Garry (owner of Liquid Alchemy Labs) for a bulb dropper – this will allow you to work out the best dose for you. It can be difficult to get the dosage right, but when you know the optimal dose for you, it’ll work like magic.
  • On the days I wear Aqua Vitae, my social skills are on fire – I’m on my A game. I seem to get along perfectly with everyone. My conversation skills are wittier, more funny, and people seem to be magnetically drawn to me because they think I’m cool (I am :P).

This is not ideal for work situations as it can be distracting. But it’s perfect for parties, nightclubs, bars, and other sexually charged environments.

That’s the power of Aqua Vitae by Liquid Alchemy Labs- I don’t know what’s in it that makes it so magnetizing to women on such a big scale.

But I’m just going to accept it, use it to my advantage, and pray no other guy in my vicinity knows about it. I would recommend this to a beginner or anyone who wants to see how real pheromone products work.


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