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Max Attraction Silk is the flagship pheromone perfume for women from from Luv Essentials. When you need a sexy and powerful pheromone, Max Attraction silk is the best solution. It happens to be one of the strongest pheromone products available for women today, boasting 42mg of pheromones in each bottle. Max Attraction Silk has become very popular among women who are looking to strengthen communication bond with men that they are currently with or interested in. Silk is a bit different than Max Attraction Gold, since it makes use of copulins, which happens to be an important ingredient in female pheromones.

Copulins is the main ingredient and a natural female pheromone compound that is a secret of the vagina during certain periods in the ovulation cycle and the scent can elevate a man’s testosterone by as much as 150% which cause men to become aroused and find a woman very sexually attractive.   The name copulins was given because it is said to encourage men to want to copulate (reproduce).

Max Attraction Silk should last the general user from 4-6 hours, and it should be noted that more than 3 drops will become very overpowering. The first thing that was noticed is the amazing scent: classy and sexual. This combined with a high pheromone count, that it creates a powerful tool to attract men. When a woman is wearing this, she will be hard to ignore. In the past, Luv Essentials products have tended to be similar to unisex products like Calvin Klein and in this instance, Max Attraction Silk is no different.

This enticing fragrance of this product will impress even the most critical or hard to get man. Lots of positive feedback from women confirms the amazing results.  The biggest surprise about this product is that it comes with a lip enhancer. Men love a woman with beautiful lips, and the Luscious Lip kit does a great job of enhancing your lips.

As the newest pheromone perfume in the Luv Essentials catalog, Max Attraction Silk also has the highest female pheromones concentration containing an unmatched 56 mg of optimized human copulins, and 42 mg of optimized human pheromones more than three times the potency of other pheromone products on the market today!

When I asked my sample of field testers of ten women what they thought of Max Attraction Silk’s smell, 6 out of 10 said they “liked it” and 4 out of 10 said they “weren’t fussed”.

However, when I asked my sample of ten men what they thought of Max Attraction Silk smell, 9 out of 10 said they “really liked it” and 1 out of 10 said they “liked it’.

When it comes to female pheromone products, Luv Essentials dominates the pheromone industry. Max Attraction Silk is definitely the best female pheromone product. With a great scent, unmatched pheromone content and decent price point, it’s a real game changer in the world of pheromone perfumes. Men will be going crazy for the soft and sensual aroma that it gives off, and will give any woman a flirty, sexy, smell to make you the center of attention. Every woman should give it a try, to experience the scent of power!










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