imagesThe Magic Flight Box brand shook up the whole vaping scene when the company released their much-loved launch box vaporizer.  Magic Flight is back to introduce a new model on the market called  MAGIC-FLIGHT MUAD-DIB CONCENTRATE BOX which is an oil rig that fits in the palm of your hand.  It’s as portable as a vape pen and as easy to use.  Basically it’s a small, portable dry herb vaporizer that garnered rave reviews since it’s inception a few year back.  The Muad-Dib box is a specially designed concentrate vaporizer with the same iconic styling as the Launch Box.    

In fact, the Muad-Dib (pronounced “maw-deeb”) is powered by rechargeable Glyph batteries that uses the same technology as the Launch Box vaporizer, but with a newly designed screen that reaches 900° in only three seconds. For a portable wooden vaporizer that’s pretty damn hot, the Muad-Dib reaches a vaporization temperature of 480°C in just three seconds; no more long heat-up times.  No more jet lighters.  Enjoy instant vaping pleasure right when you need it.  The Glyph batteries carry enough power from a single charge to vaporize approximately 50 dabs-ideal for taking out and about on your travels.

To activate the unit, you place the included battery into the side port and press it inward.  You will see the screen begin to heat up and vapor begin to form.  Then you simply begin to slowly draw from the included 1 and a half foot stem.  It is a very simple and steampunk style device that gets the job done every time.

Each Muad-Dib Concentrate Box vaporizer is hand made by artisans in San Diego from renewable materials and assembled in a 70-step process.  Every vaporizer also comes with a lifetime warranty.  The device takes it’s name from a term that was used in Frank Herbert’s 1965 award winning novel Dune which led to the 1984 movie as well as a 2000 television miniseries.  The saga is set tens of thousands of years in the future and chronicles a civilization that’s banned artificial intelligence, but has also developed advanced technology as well as mental and physical abilities.  Vital to the civilization’s survival is a desert planet, Arrakis, the only known source of herb “Melange” the most valuable substance in the universe which reminds me of cannabis.  It produces a longer life span, greater vitality and heightened awareness in its user, but unlike cannabis, Melange is very addictive and withdrawal is fatal.  There’s a good chance it taste awful in a vaporizer.  Herbert got the idea for his sci-fi book in 1957 while researching the use of poverty grass to stabilize damaging sand dunes and entire economies here on earth.  it’s referenced to Hemp and I’m sure you’ve known about that fact.

Overall, the Muad Dib is a great little vape that offers a very different form factor than all other concentrate pens.  It delivers consistently flavorful vapor that gets you where you need to go no problem.


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