Aromed Vaporizer


It’s no surprise the Aromed Vaporizer is the choice of hard core vapor enthusiast.  It produces the purest most flavorful vapor in the world.  Most say it’s even better than the Volcano! Made in Germany, the Aromed is a treat to use and has opened me up to a whole new world of tasty vapor without the bellowing clouds.  The Aromed is a German-designed vaporizer from a company that has been in the business for nearly 15 years.  They have created some of the better –performing vaporizers I have seen, that’s because it’s designed to do one thing very very well it extracts the natural ingredients from your herbs.  In fact it extracts over 90% of the active ingredients providing for the most efficient use of your herbs.  If you’re comparison shopping the only other unit  to look at is the Volcano Classic or Digital.

The active vapor is free from impurities and even goes through an additional water filter.  A feature unique to Aromed.  The hot air is provided by an energy saving ultraviolet-free halogen light bulb which is controlled by an accurate microprocessor.  Use of the Aromed vaporizer for phyto-inhalation is now covered by some German medical insurers.  Research and Experience have been working in association with medical scientists based in Cuba.  Apparently, these scientists were initially educated at Humboldt University in Berlin.  Because the therapeutic use of the plants is not so regulated in Cuba, the guys at Research and Experience were able to carry out field trials that would not have been possible in Europe or the US.  Some of the work and the ensuing results have been interesting.

The Aromed offers accurate temperature increments that are precision-controlled to 1°C accuracy.  The vaporizer can heat up your herb with a temperature range of 60°C to 235°C.  The digital screen provides the temperature reading, which reflects the actual heat level of the herbs and not the heating element.  Most vaporizers are designed to provide the heat levels of the core element rather than the herbs.  This proves important to make sure you don’t overheat your vaping material.

Aromed is easy to use, ready for use within a few minutes and delivers the best effects without side effects.  The use of Aromed needs no big explanation, it’s done in three steps.  Simply fill the water filter and herb chamber, attach the heat source, choose the preferred temperature and then inhale and be well.  The Aromed works without a fan and there for preserves your blend and does not force you to inhale.

Aromed is a hands down best vaporizer that provides perfect vapor quality.  For a time being, the vaping enthusiasts have always regarded the Volcano vaporizer as the best vaporizer ever.  Yes, it still is, but no longer in the vapor quality category.  The clean halogen bulb heating element, the water filtration system and the glass interiors to contain the vapors make the Aromed an all time winner for those who put quality of vapor first above everything else.


Ignore it’s rather bland design and focus more on that perfect vaping experience each and every time you use the Aromed vaporizer.  So, if you’re not really into using balloons, and if it’s design does not really matter to you, then I highly recommend the Aromed vaporizer.  You can use this vape for your essential oils, waxes and tinctures too! Looks like the Volcano has finally met it’s

match of a worthy vaporizer ready to take the Volcano’s title away of being the best desktop vaporizer on the market!


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